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    And what about the Red and the other clubs?

    Several laughter provoked during the last days of FIFA 18 but you boom back using the free coins with fifa 18 coin generator , because they had no proximity to the real ones. In addition, the bad news came that the selection chile na not be licensed without their kits respective.

    Fortunately, that has already been solved, as Sifup sent the players' rights through FIFPro (Federation of Professional Football Players), so it is expected that with the first patch of FIFA 18 , the rest of the casinos of the Scotiabank tournament are represented accordingly.

    This also includes the Red, so that will be selected in the team get to use the fifa 18 free points, in addition to have the official kits for the equipment.

    It will be expected if the situation of Colo Colo will be resolved or not , although everything can happen in the case of video games. Already happened last year with Vélez Sarsfield and Tigre in the Argentine league, those that finally were included in FIFA 17. The time will solve if this was a free entanglement or a bad edition for the fans albos



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